Rachel Monaco-Wilcox with watercolors for Human Powered podcast

Some stories set us free. This is one of those.

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox understands this. She walks with people on a path that requires courage and strength...a path that reveals incredible beauty.

We met Rachel when she was starting Untold Stories - an innovative writing and art-making workshop for survivors of human trafficking. We are proud to have funded this incredible program with several Wisconsin Humanities grants. It has truly changed countless people's lives and we knew we wanted to feature this work and some of these people on our podcast.

But it all started when Rachel was teaching law classes in the Justice Program at Mount Mary University. What happened next is a personal story that we are honored to share. You can meet Rachel two ways this week:

  • Read her Love Wisconsin story and see some of her artwork here.
  • Listen to Human Powered podcast, where you'll also meet Austin, Lisa, and Traci, several participants in the Untold Stories workshops. You will also learn about LOTUS, a legal clinic that provides free services to survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking and the homebase for the life-changing Untold Stories program. LISTEN by subscribing to Human Powered wherever you get your podcasts, or on our website, where you will also find Episode Extras.

*A head’s up that this episode contains discussion of sexual assault and human trafficking. If this doesn't feel like the right time to listen, we invite you to check out extras and hope you'll tune in next month for the next episode of Human Powered.


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