Cheri and Craig talking for Human Powered podcast

Human Powered podcast leaves you feeling closer to your neighbors—and inspired by where you live

We believe in sharing stories so we can all feel more connected.

We began Human Powered podcast as a way to introduce listeners to some of the amazing people that we have gotten to know through our Wisconsin Humanities grant program. We find their work inspiring and we think you will, too. This past year has been a hard one and we are missing the regular connection we had with people. We hope that Human Powered can lift us all up and remind us of the many good things happening around our state.

Human Powered delves into real stories of how the humanities make a difference in communities. Each of six episodes presents complex but vibrant examples of people making places better -- from overcoming stereotypes by tasting new foods in a Green Bay community garden to educating tribal youth and professional archeologists about the careful tending of traditions by the Red Cliff Nation of northern Wisconsin. And more!

Travel Wisconsin to connect with people who are doing incredible things

The first episode of Human Powered is called The Power of Listening and we hope you'll join us for about 25 minutes to listen!

In this episode, our host Jimmy Gutierrez is in Milwaukee. He takes us to meet four people who have been working in one of the city's most economically challenged neighborhoods. These people -- an architecture professor named Arijit, a student named Chelsea, and two neighborhood residents named Camille and Cheri -- have come together with different ideas, motivations, and expertise. As a listener, you'll be immersed in their stories and hear some of what makes their collaborations so special.

We think you'll feel you understand your state, and your neighbors, a bit better after listening. And maybe you'll feel energized by the power each of us has to make a difference.

Please join us on this journey. You can always listen right here, on our website, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Human Powered Podcast Episode 1


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