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Human Powered is a podcast series produced by Wisconsin Humanities. Each episode tells the story of a community where imagination and relationships have changed the landscape.

Finding Hope Here in Wisconsin

Hope often appears in the form of a story. These are some of the stories that keep us hopeful.

Alexa’s 99-year-old mother receiving her college diploma on her COVID-safe porch in Stevens Point.

Coggin in Sturgeon Bay creating a virtual archaeological dig for kids stuck at home.

Gary from Lac du Flambeau sharing his healing cultural practices at a ceremony for other veterans.

Thanks to our generous donors – people like you – Love Wisconsin stories like these reach tens of thousands of your fellow Wisconsinites, lifting hearts and bringing us closer together despite our greater isolation.

With your help, we can raise silenced voices, spark our civic imagination, and bring the people of Wisconsin closer together.


On the ground!

Our four new Community Powered Project Coordinators have completed their initial training in community engagement, reading cultural landscapes, and how to capture the story and history of people and places. They are now heading to the four Community Powered 2022-23 sites: Spooner, Appleton, Racine, and the Forest County Potawatomi Community.


Celebrate with us!

We are excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary this October and we hope you can join us! Please RSVP by October 1st (Space is limited)! Thank you for being a friend and supporter, and thank you for standing with us as we envision the next 50 years!


Investing in our future

What world do you dream of? At Wisconsin Humanities, we believe that knowledge of many kinds, combined with heartfelt reflection and conversation, can deepen our understanding and our democracy. In our latest newsletter, ON: What Connects Us, you'll learn about our newest approach to putting the humanities to work in ways that make communities better places for everyone.



Human Powered is a show about how people make places better. In our first season, we explore Wisconsin together to meet real people and hear in-depth stories that we hope leave you feeling closer to your neighbors—and inspired by where you live.