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Our Mini Grant Program is Being Updated

We are making some changes to our Mini Grant program. To prepare for the new pilot program, we are currently offering only our Major Grants. We anticipate launching the new pilot grant program in the summer of 2024. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter to be notified about all WH news!

New Board Members

We are excited to welcome three new board members appointed by Governor Evers: N'Jameh Russell-Camara, Kate Rericha, and Carrie Van Hallgren (pictured above left-to-right)! Get to know all our volunteer board members!

Humanity Unlocked

Our Human Powered website shares stories, voices, information, and resources about incarceration in Wisconsin. WH's Human Powered 'Humanity Unlocked' project celebrates ways people inside and outside the prison system are finding opportunities for human expression and creativity.

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Potatoes + Oil + More Oil + Even More Oil = Tasty Perfection

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Wisconsin has an official state beverage: Milk. Wisconsin has an official pastry: Kingle. Wisconsin has an official grain: Corn. And now there is a bipartisan resolution declaring the brandy old-fashioned as the official Wisconsin state cocktail.

Time will tell if the Old Fashioned will ...make it through the legislative process to become our official drink — but here is our ode to the Brandy Old Fashioned.

#wisco #wisconsinlife #oldfashionedcocktail #brandyoldfashioned

Attention Wisconsin writers! If you have published anything this year (or will have anything published by December 31, 2023), the Arts + Literature Laboratory invites you to submit to the Wisconsin Writers Awards. The cash award for book-length prizes is $1,000, along with a 5-day residency at ...Shake Rag Alley. There are also $500 prizes (along with a 5-day residency at Ernest Hüperden's Painted Forest) for short-form works AND a $250 prize for teen writers!! We are so lucky to have a robust and rich writing community in our state. Good luck y'all!

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Wisconsin Writers Awards

The Wisconsin Writers Awards have been a program of the Council for Wisconsin Writers (CWW) since 1964. The awards honor the best work in fiction,...


We have a Major Grant application deadline coming up a week from tomorrow. Applications are due by 5 PM on Friday, December 15th!

We have over 150 stories on our Love Wisconsin website — and you can use the tags and filters to explore the stories from people living all over our great state. Our 'Tradition' story collection features stories of a fifth-generation circus performer, a Shaman leader, a ...fourth-generation horse farmer, and much more. Have fun and share stories to feel more connected to your neighbors! https://bit.ly/40STMWW.

We have over 150 stories on our Love Wisconsin website — and you can find the stories you want to read by using our tags and filters. Our 'Tradition' story collection features stories of a fifth-generation circus performer, a Shaman leader, a fourth-generation horse farmer, and much ...more. LINK IN BIO to discover stories about our shared Wisconsin

#tradition #wiconsin #wisconsintraditons #traditions #wisconsinstories
#stories #storiesbringustogther

As we approach the shortest day of the year, perhaps you are thinking about spending time with the people you love and revisiting memories of those you have lost. This story from our partners at Wisconsin Life is a personal reflection on how we choose to preserve memories, particularly of people ...and places. We hope you enjoy our regular shares from our longtime collaborators at Wisconsin Public Radio as a way to ponder bigger human questions and consider the breadth of cultures, histories, and experiences here in Wisconsin. Tune in here on Facebook Tuesdays at 11AM.

“Wisconsin Life” airs on WPR on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. during “Morning Edition“ on the NPR News and Classical Music Network. It also airs on WPR’s Ideas Network. Catch “Wisconsin Life” on “Central Time“ at 4:07 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. It’s also on the “The Morning Show” Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:35 a.m.

You can hear Wisconsin Public Radio across the state. Find your local station or listen online.

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Preserving a memory: A meditation on home and memorial benches - Wisconsin Life

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, how do we choose to preserve the memory of that person? Radio producer Alexandra Salmon and her...


People ask us all the time, what's the difference between the arts and the humanities? We believe that artistic and humanistic pursuits come naturally and are part of all of our lives. So what are we talking about? And what do you think?

#publichumanities #humanities

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What is the difference between 'the arts' and 'the humanities?'

As humans with brains wired for creativity, curiosity, and contemplation, can they really be considered as separate pursuits?


Last December, the first Community Powered History Harvest was hosted at the Spooner Memorial Library.

Listen to Nicki's story about this Christmas ornament that holds a special place in her heart.

#CommunityPowered #ChristmasOrnament #PublicHumanities #HistoryInObjects ...#WisconsinHumanities