Immigrant Journeys


"My job is to take care of the cows, milking, feeding, everything. There are 400 cows. I worked as a teacher in Honduras. I didn’t know anything about cows."


Immigrant Journeys from South of the Border

¡Mi travesía hasta Wisconsin!

A glimpse into the life of a stranger can invite us to empathize with others and reflect on our own life journeys. That's why we invite you to read these eight stories of people who emigrated here from homes in Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Uruguay who now live and work in Wisconsin.

Let's talk about it!

Though immigration is being debated at the national level, here in Wisconsin many of us have not had opportunities to meet or get to know immigrants from south of the border.

So we are organizing intimate, virtual conversations led by trained facilitators. As a participant, you will hear part of Cinthia's story. It's a way to start thinking about, and talking about, our own experiences with immigration.

This Wisconsin Humanities initiative, in partnership with Local Voices Network (LVN), will result in a digital archive of the stories and perspectives of ordinary Wisconsinites. LVN's sophisticated online platform makes the conversations easily heard and read by policymakers, journalists, and the broader public (while participants remain anonymous).

We believe that the stories of immigrants, as well as the perspectives of Wisconsinites, are important today and going forward. The Immigrant Journeys website also offers additional information to help us understand these stories in the context of history, policy, and our lives.

Virtual Conversations

We invite you to join in the conversation! There are different ways to get involved:

-sign up to participate in a conversation
-help organize a small group of individuals (4-8 people) to meet virtually for about 90 minutes
-get trained to facilitate a conversation

Head over to the Immigrant Journeys website to learn more!

"Immigrant Journeys from South of the Border ¡Mi travesía hasta Wisconsin!" the traveling exhibit, was produced by Wisconsin Humanities in partnership with Centro Hispano of Dane County. The two organizations came together as natural allies in strengthening community ties and building understanding among neighbors. This is a project of Wisconsin Humanities with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Alumni Circle of Wisconsin Humanities.

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