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Summer 2023


On a societal level, the humanities help us grapple with the challenges we face and guide our collective quest for new and better solutions. We find our way there together, which, in a democracy, requires allowing all to have their say. What then about those people who have been devalued and made invisible by the justice system?


Fall 2022

Asking Why

The humanities ask what it means to be human. The public humanities invite all of us to explore our histories and cultural traditions, reflect on society and its challenges, hear each others’ stories, and fuel an expansive, democratic vision for our communities.

We asked five people engaged in this work with us to describe a moment that reveals the “why” of what they do.


Spring 2022

What Connects Us

As Wisconsin Humanities celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we have been reflecting on the lessons learned from decades of public humanities work. One that stands out is how, by putting the tools of the humanities in the hands of committed problem-solvers, we can make powerful changes happen.


Winter 2021


It was with huge excitement that three years ago Wisconsin Humanities partnered with Love Wisconsin, taking over the production of its digital storytelling platform from founders
Brijetta (Jet) Hall Waller and Megan Monday. At the time, we saw the Love Wisconsin project succeeding at the very thing that they, and we, felt so urgently: the need to do whatever we could to connect Wisconsinites across our differences and to encourage empathy


Spring 2021


In 2019, we launched Immigrant Journeys from South of the Border—an exhibit that shares the stories of eight immigrants who now live and work in Wisconsin. During this period of social and physical distancing, we believe this conversation must continue.