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Wisconsin Humanities is an independent nonprofit organization affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and University of Wisconsin-System Administration. Wisconsin Humanities strengthens our democracy through educational and cultural programs that build connections and understanding among people of all backgrounds and beliefs throughout the state.


Community Powered (CP) is an initiative of Wisconsin Humanities that builds resilience among Wisconsin communities by helping them recognize, communicate, and act upon their strengths, their challenges, and their histories to envision a vibrant future. Residents of participating Wisconsin communities will experience new ways to unearth and tell stories of their communities and will design and implement a community project that makes an even better place to live.


A map of Wisconsin with four cities marked with points: Racine, Appleton, Forest County Potawatomi, and Spooner. Dotted lines connect the points. Behind the map, a hand holds a microphone, and various lines and colors encircle the state.

WH is hiring four full-time Community Powered Project Coordinators (CPPCs), one to serve in each of these selected communities: Appleton, Racine, Spooner, and the Forest County Potawatomi community. The CPPC will work under the supervision of WH’s co-directors and a librarian within one of the selected community’s local libraries. The successful candidate will receive training in humanities and digital media skills, and then be supported by the CP staff and local librarian to collaborate with local nonprofit organizations, businesses, and citizens to create a locally meaningful project.


This position is a learning opportunity for someone seeking further training in community-engaged public humanities work. For the right applicant, this position will build their professional capacity through on-the-ground work in their community and extensive mentorship from their community partners and the Community Powered Co-Directors. Together, the CPPCs, the Community Powered team, and the communities themselves will build innovative, new pathways to public humanities engagement in Wisconsin.


The application deadline is Sunday, March 20, 2022. Click here for the position description and application information.