ON Newsletter - Fall 2022

Asking Why

Spotlight on Grant Funded Projects


Rural Youth Explore Race and Identity with APT

Teaching artists from American Players Theater work with students in English and literature classes in rural Sauk and Dane County high schools to explore texts by diverse authors. Through this WH–funded project, the visiting artists use their humanities skills to lead in-depth explorations of the themes and characters, helping teachers and students feel comfortable sharing honestly and expressing vulnerability in discussions about race, bias, and identity.

A Landscape of Families

Spotlights Landscape of families

The “A Landscape of Families” exhibit, supported with a grant from WH, is located on the grounds of the Historic Indian Agency House outside Portage. It was designed in partnership with the Ho-Chunk Nation Museum and Cultural Center and is accessible 24 hours a day. The exhibit opened with singing, dancing, and speakers to commemorate the stories and lives of Hoocąk families who lived in the area as documented in the 1832 census.

Five People Share Their ‘Why’

The humanities ask what it means to be human. The public humanities invite all of us to explore our histories and cultural traditions, reflect on society and its challenges, hear each others’ stories, and fuel an expansive, democratic vision for our communities.

We asked five people engaged in this work with us to describe a moment that reveals the “why” of what they do.


Seeing the Humanity in Each of Us

Getting to know people, and learning something about their personal story, can break down barriers between us and help us better understand each other. So we are excited to introduce season 2 of Human Powered podcast, where we are talking with people who have been impacted by the justice system. And with Love Wisconsin Story Bridges, we are offering conversation starters that make it easy to use Love Wisconsin's powerful stories to spark meaningful discussions about things that matter to you.